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The Witherleigh Puzzle - 

‘Welcome to Witherleigh.’ is the first book in my new paranormal investigation series following the investigations of Richard Radcliffe, the disgraced son of the charismatic Reverend Radcliffe.

     The Witherleigh Puzzle is a cryptic puzzle set within the world of the Richard Radcliffe Paranormal Investigations with clues hidden within the pages of this book.


     In order to solve the puzzle, challengers read the poem puzzle located in the front of ‘Welcome To Witherleigh.’ They then decipher the clues from the puzzle and those hidden within the book to work out a secret location.

Once the secret location has been found, the puzzlers must take a photograph of themselves, with the book, standing by the secret location.     

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Welcome To Witherleigh 

Witherleigh is a small village set on the fringes of Exmoor. But quiet places hold deadly secrets. When the new church worker Richard Radcliffe arrives, he expects to find a welcoming but ancient farming community.


Unfortunately, he soon realises that something is very wrong in Witherleigh. 

'Just finished your book Welcome to Witherleigh. Excellent.' MM

'Reading this book reminded me of how much I love mystery! When it’s done well and it is done very well here! The author writes well, has a good eye for character and pacing. The story weaves its way into ancient occult circles in sleepy Devon and leads to an interesting twist at its climax. One of my favourite films is the Wickerman and this had a similar mood to it for me. Highly recommended!' NB

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Monologues & Plays


I am always delighted to work with actors from theatre and TV/film production companies as they perform my work so much better than I do!


Therefore. I would like to thank the actors from the following companies for bringing my vision to life Eva's Echo, King's Cross Theatre and Troubadour Theatre.

P.J. Reed is a writer and poet from England. She holds a BAEd from Canterbury Christ Church University and an MA from Bradford University. She has been widely published in anthologies, journals, and collections. Reed is the Editor of the Exmoor Noir paranormal investigation magazine.

She writes speculative fiction based on fantasy worlds filled with magic, intrigue, and adventure. Her horror is dark, deadly, and deliciously odd. 

P.J. Reed currently lives in Devon, with a handful of teenagers, one feral cat, and a dog called Rupert.

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Welcome To Witherleigh - The Reviews

'A very gripping and intriguing piece. Loved every scene and character. I could tell from the start something was off about Witherleigh and too of the protagonist. What a troubled man.

Every scene was beautifully written and I highly anticipated the end. Very exciting read, highly recommend,' JC

'WELCOME TO WITHERLEIGH, the first book in a series, is a dark, engaging, well-written mystery that I enjoyed immensely. The story is suspenseful, atmospheric, and absolutely drips with dread. The characterization is excellent, and the village of Witherleigh feels like a place you'd find on a map. I liked the pace of this novel, and the twist at the end has me eager for the next instalment. If you're looking for a paranormal mystery, you can't go wrong with this one. Highly recommended!' BB